After School Activity


Development and Health Benefits

The benefits of stitching are endless. 

Students will learn a fun and traditional skill that enhances their…

  • fine motor skill and dexterity
  • hand-eye coordination
  • ability to focus on the task at hand for extended periods of time, which translates into improved concentration levels in other areas of their lives
  • provide an outlet for their creative ability

… away from modern day technology.

Overall, this course provides an exciting opportunity for the students to engage and master a skill that will benefit their wellbeing and provide a creative hobby for many years to come.

Course Overview

I. Safety Lessons

Emphasize the significance of safety when working with needles, scissors and fabrics. Demonstrate proper handling of the tools ensuring pupils grasp needles near the blunt end and handle scissors correctly. 

II. Stitching

Demonstrate how to secure the thread by tying a knot at the end. Show pupils how to hold the needle correctly and insert the thread through the eye of the needle. Teach the pupils a variety of stitches starting with a simple half cross stitch. This is the main activity of the course and will fill most lessons. The speed and level of the course will be adapted to the learning ability of the students. They will gradually be taught new techniques and master the art of sewing.

III. Creativity and Personalization

Encourage pupils to express their creativity by selecting their own colors and designs. Provide a variety of threads and fabrics for them to choose from. Inspire them to experiment with different stitches and techniques to add personal flair to their projects.

IV. Finishing Touches and Clean-Up

Explain the importance of finishing a needlepoint project neatly. Demonstrate how to secure the thread at the back of the fabric and trim excess threads. Instruct pupils on how to clean up their work area and properly store their materials.

All materials will be supplied by The Flanders Tapestry Collection and are included in the price.  This includes a large variety of sewing wool, canvas, needles and scissors. 

Company Background

The Flanders Tapestry Collection was founded in 2014 by Johan Verbruggen. Originally from Belgium, Johan is from a family of Textile, Lace and Embroidery manufacturers. The origin of the Flanders tapestry collection can be traced back to 1876 when Johan’s great-great grandparents founded their lace making business in a small city called Lier, near Antwerp. The company ran for three generations but it was under the management of Johan’s grandparents that the business flourished and expanded dramatically offering employment to over 250 crafts women.  They specialised in a variety of artisanal needlepoint techniques, in particular a fine and delicate type of silk tulle hand embroidered lace and Petit Point. Inspired by his upbringing surrounded by exquisite textiles and intricate embroidery, Johan pursued a career in design working for renowned establishments such as liberty of London and the Royal Collection trust at Buckingham Palace.

Johan now lives in Hong Kong where he dedicates his time to creating stylish tapestry projects. He often uses different shades in a single stitch to create the subtle and detailed colour variations seen in flowers using surprising and unusual background colours to enhance his designs. Johan is passionate about passing on his skills and has put together a comprehensive programme of needlepoint courses for all ages, so young learners can discover and enjoy the art of needlepoint.  Several ESF Schools in Hong Kong are now offering his program to their students. 


Practical Information

Child Safeguarding Policy: As sewing equipment includes needles and scissors, the emphasis of the course is on safety. Students will be taught how to handle the equipment correctly in the first lesson and this will be implemented in the entire course.

Data Privacy Policy: Our data privacy policy ensures the protection and confidentiality of all personal information. We collect and handle all data securely, only for the purpose specified, and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. We do not share or sell any information to third parties without explicit consent.

Payment and refund policy:  Full payment is required prior to the course commencement. Normal illness of students does not qualify for refunds. However, in exceptional cases, refunds may be considered after consulting with the school. If a lesson is cancelled by the tutor, a complete refund will be provided to all students for that particular session. Payments can be made via FPS, PayMe and International Bank Transfer.