Before starting to stitch this design, please read the following instructions carefully.

All kits produced by The Flanders Tapestry Collection use Tent Stitch.  This is an easy stitch with a very effective finish and sufficient wool has been provided to complete the design using this stitch.  

Useful tips before you start stitching:


1. Iron the canvas on the reverse with a cool iron to get a smooth and creaseless surface.  Do not use steam.

2. Stretch the canvas on a tapestry frame as straight as possible in order to avoid a crooked finish.  Plenty of inexpensive frames can be found online.

3. Wash your hands regularly, especially when working with light colours.

4. Try not to separate the label from the wool in order to avoid confusion.


How to start:

Always thread the needle with two strands of wool.  Refer to the key on the reverse of the instructions that are enclosed when you purchase the Tapestry kit.  Each symbol has one or two colour references next to it.

For example:

Thread the needle with one strand of colour 941 and one of 991.

Thread the needle with two strands of colour 991.


Start stitching the coloured areas on the design using the key on the 
canvas as a guide.  You can also use the symbols chart on the reverse of the enclosed instructions as a reference by counting the stitches for a more accurate effect.